Liechtenstein; a tiny country nestled between Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is definitely worth a visit, but lacking an airport it can be tricky to get to. The capital of Vaduz offers museums, a cathedral, and huge castle on top of the hill which overlooks it (and offers great view of the city and mountains surrounding), among other things.


The easiest way (and the way I took), is via Zurich in Switzerland. From Zurich you can take a train direct to the Swiss town of Sargans, this takes approximately one hour, but can be costly – my return ticket was 33CHF or around $50AUD! These trains run pretty frequently throughout the day, but you can also book in advance for peace of mind (I used


Just next to the train station in Sargans there is an information centre which will help you with a return ticket if you need one. They can also help with the bus, but that part is easy. I took the #11 bus from Sargans direct to Vaduz (get off at the Vaduz Post stop to be right in the centre of town). The buses are bright yellow so you can’t miss them, and you can buy a ticket directly from the driver; they will accept euros as well as Swiss francs.


And there you have it! Just take the #11 bus back to Sargans when you done.

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